“What is more splendid than gold? “Light.” “What is more refreshing than light?” “Conversation." --Johann Goethe

Our school is committed to positive adult communication.  When a question or issue arises concerning another person (a teacher, administrator, a board member member, or another parent),  please have a direct conversation with that person, as soon as possible. Asking a clarifying question is often all that is needed to solve an issue. Face-to-face conversations help lead us away from one-sided views and toward understanding and informed decisions.

Where should I bring my concern?

  • Is this concerning your child or class? Schedule a time to speak with your child’s TEACHER: Teachers are not available to discuss concerns during classroom hours (including pick- up and drop off); please email to schedule a time to talk. Additionally,  office hours are held every Thursday afternoon from 1 - 3 PM by appointment, and teachers are always available to talk through matters big and small! 

  • Is this an unresolved class or child issue? Ideas to support the school? Concerns regarding school-wide policy? Your tuition invoice?  Email or schedule a time to speak with the ADMINISTRATOR:  

  • Is this an unresolved issue after going to the administrator? Email the BOARD OF TRUSTEES:  If parent concerns are not satisfactorily met after following the above protocol, the board will take up the issue and decide to either handle the issue itself (if it is deemed to be in scope of the board's domain) or work as a mediator between the conflicted parties (if it's a concern of pedagogical nature). Generally, the board does not concern itself with  classroom matters or individual student issues, rather, works on big picture planning, focusing on the legal and financial health of the school.


TEACHERS:  maggie@harborwaldorfschool.org / tfrey53@hotmail.com / ashleylynnwade5@gmail.com

ADMINISTRATOR: aynsley@harborwaldorfschool.org

BOARD OF TRUSTEES:   nathan.woiwode@gmail.com / cmartinsagaponack@gmail.com / steve@cmee.org /mchaskey@gmail.com/ tfrey53@hotmail.com/ pialei@gmail.com/ avsudhir@me.com