Please submit the following forms before June 15

Email to

Or, mail to : PO Box 450, Sag Harbor NY 11963


LOCATION - 1 Hog Creek Lane: The property is on the corner of Springs Fireplace Road and Hogs Creek Lane. Nearby is a Hogs Creek Road- so be sure to put Hog Creek LANE into your GPS to find us. Turn down Hogs Creek Lane and we’re the first driveway on the right.

PARKING: Please park to the right of the driveway, only.   Please remember that our camp is also the Ryan’s home. Stick around the farm and camp area and please do not wander further.

CAMP HOURS are 9:05 am  - 12:00 pm, Tuesday - Friday. Please be on time for both drop-off and pick-up. We observe that many children find it difficult to enter into the rhythm of the morning if they have gotten a late start; likewise, many children get anxious or nervous when parents are late for pick-up. We appreciate your cooperation in this regard. Also, if your child will not be attending on a day that he or she is registered to, please let Maggie know by text (518.265.9423).

At drop-off in the morning, the teachers will be engaged in the mornings work, ready to welcome your child. At the end of the day, the children and teachers will walk out of the camp area to the driveway entrance (on Hogs Creek Lane).  Please meet us at the chicken coop for dismissal, and not at the camp area. We end the day with a story or a puppet show, so we appreciate you meeting us in the specified area for dismissal, so that our story is not interrupted.


9.05 arrival (artistic activity/ free play)

9.30                farm walk (planting/ weeding/ harvesting)

10.00 free play/ snack prep

10.30 circle time (cooperative games and songs)

10.45 snack + wash dishes

11.00 free play/ artistic activities

11.40 story

12.00 dismissal

TEACHER CONTACT INFO: Our program will be co-taught by a rotation of Maggie Touchette, Meggan Gill, Willow Westwood and Andi Pisacano. There will be at least two teachers on site at all times.

Maggie Touchette at, 518.265.9423

Meggan Gill at, 917.741.6649

Andi Pisacano at , 631.332.0950

Willow Westwood at, 413.297.4314

BEES: This working farm includes beehives, located a safe distance away from the area we will be inhabiting and visiting.  As a precaution, however, we recommend avoiding fragrant shampoos and lotions. If your child has an allergy to bees, please speak with me before the start of camp.

TICKS: The area has been mowed and sprayed monthly with an essential tick repellant. Please spray your child before coming to camp in the morning.  In addition- please be sure to check your child thoroughly at the end of each morning!

SNACK MENU: Most central to snack time will be foods from the farm.  A variety of farm fresh fruits and vegetables will play a big part of our snack, but we also serve a grain to accompany it every day. These ingredients are organic, to the best of our ability.  Water will be provided throughout the day.

Unless your child has a food allergy, and you have discussed this with your child’s teacher, please do not bring food from home to the camp.

*If your child has food allergies, please let me know asap, and we can work together to make a plan for your child.  

WEATHER: Again, our camp is exclusively outdoors and enjoys both full sun, as well as plentiful shade under many trees. If the weather is rainy, please send your child in rain gear-- rain boots, light rain jacket (and rain pants if you have them! ).

In case of inclement weather, we will head to the barn to take shelter.

In case of extreme weather, you will be notified by email by 7 AM that camp is cancelled. Make-up days may be scheduled, in that case.

WHAT TO SEND WITH YOUR CHILD: Please note that that camp can be a messy place, and as we explore the farm and tend to the land. Be prepared that we will  encourage your child’s hands-on sensory experience. Please send your child to camp in clothing that can get muddy, as well as with a backpack that includes:

a change of clothes

a hat

shoes that can get wet & dirty

a towel

a water bottle

rain gear (when necessary)

**please leave food, toys and other treasures at home

**please sunscreen your child before drop-off

If there is anything you would like to discuss before camp begins, please contact the Camp Director, Maggie Touchette. You can reach Maggie at 518-265-9423 or at