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Spiral of Light

The Spiral of Light, a beautiful midwinter garden. 

for the families of children currently enrolled in our children’s garden program, only

open to the public, by RESERVATION ONLY.
There is very limited availability for this festival: reserve your family’s space here.

At this time of year, as the darkness of winter approaches, there are many cultural and religious festivals of light. Each December, we join other Waldorf schools in creating such a seasonal festival: the Spiral of Light.  In this garden of light,  each child is invited to walk with an unlit candle along an inward spiraling garden path, which leads to a lighted candle in the center of the garden. After lighting his or her candle, the child walks out of the garden along an outward spiraling path and places the lit candle along the way. As each child adds a candle to the path it becomes an ever-growing lighted walkway. For both the children and the adults who are present, the spiral of light is an oasis of quiet and wonder.

It’s time for introspection as we search for the light within to warm our hearts for the cold of winter. This inner light reminds of the peacefulness, careful anticipation and warmth this time of the year can bring. Through the searching of our own inner light, we become aware of the possibility of renewed light in all humankind. This is the mystery of the winter solstice, as we wait for the birth of new light and new awakening in each of us. The birth of this new light ennobles our thoughts and our deeds, and brings us together. As adults, it is possible for us to create these experiences inwardly; children can embark on this journey only through outward activity. An integral part of our curriculum in Waldorf education is creating festivals which serve as such outward activities. 


  • This quiet, reverent festival is best suited for children over the age of three.

  • We will gather in the upstairs lobby PROMPTLY. Late arrivals will be not admitted. 

  • Families should seat themselves together. 

  • When all of the children and families have had their turn, everyone will quietly return to the lobby to go home. Please help us retain the reverent mood as we enter and exit. 

  • As a safety precaution, please wear pants, not skirts or flowing clothing of any kind. All children with long hair should wear it away from their faces, either braided or in a pony tail

  • Cell phones should be turned off, and we appreciate you refraining from taking pictures.