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"The Riches of Waldorf Education: a Look at the Therapeutic Benefits of the Curriculum"

  • OSDS 11 Carroll Street Sag Harbor (map)

Please join us for this NOT TO BE MISSED workshop by master Waldorf educator Nancy Blanning. To save your space, RSVP to

Waldorf early childhood education is truly unique. Early childhood is held as a time to be protected and honored so it can unfold out of its own inherent wisdom. Waldorf strives to provide a healthy environment where child are allowed to safely and calmly experience the world, its natural wonders, and the goodness of people around them. 

We live in a time gripped by fearfulness that, if little children are not accelerated into being little adults as soon as possible, their future success is doomed. Nearly one-hundred years of Waldorf education  have proven that this is not so. Children learn most easily, successfully, and happily when they are fully ready to proceed with forms of direct instruction appropriate to their developmental stage. The Waldorf environment for young children is rich in real--not virtual--experiences of movement, building, and practical work. It is full of artistic elements to nourish the imagination and life of feeling with painting, drawing, singing, rhythmic movement guided by imaginations of adventure, and stories. Most importantly, it allows the children to play. The pace is slower, the colors are softer, and the speech is quieter as a contrast to the insistent rush and stimulation of most of the world. 

This approach provides benefit to healthy development for any child. For sensitive children who are over-stimulated and over-whelmed by the the too-muchness of our regular lives, it can also provide a healing, even therapeutic, environment. 

We will explore these aspects as to the "what" and the "why" of these different experiences the children have throughout the week and the year. It is not unusual that parents leave a workshop like this saying to themselves, "I wish I had had an education like this when I was a child." 


Nancy Blanning has been active in Waldorf early childhood for the past 35 years as mixed-aged kindergarten teacher and therapeutic support teacher at the Denver Waldorf School. Her particular interest is in encouraging healthy development through active movement. Nancy travels as consultant to Waldorf school in North American and serves in Waldorf teacher training programs as guest faculty. She is permanent faculty with Sunbridge Institute (NY) and Nurturing the Roots (CO). She and colleague, Laurie Clark, have authored "Movement Journeys and Circle Adventures, vol. 1 and 2", original collections of movement imaginations for the classroom. Nancy is also member of the WECAN board and is editor of the WECAN journal, Gateways.

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